In Always { a poem }

14 Feb

"Fullmoon Lovers Under the Pantheon" { Kate Flood, Rome, Italy '10 }

In Always
{ a poem }

I want to be with you in the night, in the morning, in the day,
In the snow and in the cold,
In the sun, in the heat,
In the rain, in the wet,
In the spring, in the air,
In the fall, in the crisp,
In confusion, in perfection,
In enthusiasm, in delerium,
In the heat of the moment, in the doldrum of the day,
In the minute, in the hour,
In your arms, in my arms,
In your sighs, in my sighs,
In our silence, in our room,
In our agony, in our laughter,
in always,
in forever.

In Richness of Being a poet…

• 9:22am, Toronto
Writing Top 25 Sexy Songs for Elephant Journal in my cozy cashmere robe and suede mukluks
•  Happy Valentines Day! 


Rain Kissing

18 Oct


Rain Covers { poem }

the rain slips in,
quietly from nowhere,
hits the pane,
puts me in the mood,
for lov’n again.

‘love when the rain,
sifts in by surprise,
and comes down with fury,
and invites me to light a fire all over again.

the clouds are crying,
the sky is black,
the trees are wet,
there is no holding back.

come down,
rain hard on me,
take everything I’ve got,
and slip me between the covers.

rolled up in big down,
with a changing painting on my window sill,
patter the roof,
and sing my soul to sleep tonight.

~ Kate


Have you ever been kissed like that in the rain?

• 10:33pm
• Skies on High, Toronto
• On deck:  All I Want is You by U2


“The Big One – Yoga on the Hill”

16 Aug

2380 Yoginis Down Dogged their Lunch on Parliament Hill Today
Lunch on the Hill has a whole new meaning now. Yoga instructor Ichih Wang lead 2380 Ottawa yoginis (and some drop-in tourists) in a 1 hour long yoga class. From the look of the “suits” perusing the perimeter mind you, I think most yoginis came in from around the city. The west block lawn was packed as Ichih called out one yoga posture after another over  a microphone. I was on time, but not in time to get a close seat (I had to turn back home to blow out a candle I had been mediating by) and I could hear her easily at the back of the “class.” The class was easy to follow with guidance and some humour shared as Ichih replaced normal instructions such as, “Look up to the ceiling…I mean sky.” and “Place your feet back on the floor…I mean grass” which I’m sure helped break beginner’s nerves. There were 20 volunteer yoga assistants. Mark Laham provided commentary to CTV. Tara Porter of Bhakti Connection chanted.

Next Yoga on the Hill:
Every wednesday of summer } 12-1pm

Free Yoga at Lululemon (Rideau Center):
Sundays 930am

Looking to join a yoga studio near you in

Looking to join a yoga studio elsewhere in Canada:

Ichih Wang’s Website:



Did you go to yoga on the hill today? What was your favorite part about it? Drop me a comment below and let me know…

In Richness of  ~ fly by lunch ~ yoga classes!

Look for My Next Blog Post: How I Let Go the Opportunity to design a little start up company called Lululemon’s Logo…

• 3:43pm
• My balcony over looking the canal { Ottawa, On }
• On deck:  The Bhakti Connection

All pictures © Kate Flood


“We are Floating in our Realities or our Possibilities”

29 Jul
Which one are you floating in? Which one is easier?

~ “Bliss in a Tank, Float tank • Ovarium • Montreal, QC • July 2012 ~


My Out of Body Experience Message from Last Night

Last night I had what I call an out of body experience – something that happens to me that feels so intense and real, but so unusual that I feel like I have entered another realm. My therapist (who I adore and have been seeing since the last of 6 car accidents and my mom passed) says I should call them inbody experiences. This, because they are real, I am in my body and they’re so deeply true. So last night I had an out of body experience that was just text. That’s when I receive a message in the form of literally just text (no particular font) hanging there somewhere in the space of my REM. Last night’s seem to hang within a cloud and it was:

“We are floating in our realities or our possibilities”

I have not had one of these experience in quite sometime. The context around the “we” felt in the moment as a message for someone in my past. This is fitting as I try to rationalize and decode the message as I had just emailed and called him after quite a long time to wish him a happy 40th birthday. I also used to have these all the time when him I used to speak. One time I was flying holding onto a star! Crazy right? (No Hallucinogens were present). I think this message was first and formost for me, could be for him and could be for anyone really who wants to live their dreams.

My Decoding:

Everyone of us, everyday IS floating in either our individual realities or possibilities. I believe I typically my whole life have always floated in my possibilities. I believe my friend floats in his realities. I believe the stuff of dreams lies withing floating in the energy of possibilities. I think people get so used to their reality – particularly those (and there are many) that are not happy in their lives, and complain about everything but stay stuck there. I don’t think life is meant to be that way. You did not choose to come back to planet earth to be miserable. I think that if people dream everyday of the life they want, ask for what they want, be open to receive the guidance in steps to get there – then it happens. And to the naysayers, I say, yes it may seem hard because you cannot see it infront of you – that the word possibility doesn’t seem like a tangible thing. Possibilites are like dreams, you can’t see them at first, but they happen.

If you are not happy in your current reality, then start dream’n of the possibilities and they’ll start to float into your life. The more you dream, the more they become possible. Then hopefully, your new reality is the stuff dreams our made of.

Pictured above is a float tank ~ a sensory deprivation tank if you will. Carlos Castaneda in The Teachings of Don Yuan experimented with them to induce altered stated of consciousness.  They don’t have to be that trippy. It’s filled with so much epsom salts that your body floats to the surface effortlessly. Possibilities I might add, float effortlessly. It’s pitch black in the tank with no sound unless you want music.  The tanks can give you the equivalent of a full night’s sleep in just 1 hour. Can you see the potential here to have them in popular airport terminals?

I had never heard of a float when my second boyfriend bought me a gift certificate for my birthday way back in 1999 in Ottawa. There was only 1, and it was in ground. It no longer exists. You can go for a float in one location in Toronto or two beautiful places in Montreal, Ovarium for the tank experience or Le Bathroom for an inground open air experience. I have been travelling to Montreal for some unique osteopathy that I cannot get in Ontario and I go for a float when I can. I had an appointment Monday and a friend who was celebrating a birthday was floored to learn I was going for a float. Seems he had been dreaming of going for one since he first learned about them in high school. He was so excited when we got in the room that he couldn’t fully relax in the tank! I also took him for his first massage and scandinavian spa at Scandinave Spa. You can find where you can go for a float and dream your possibilities here:

NEW: Float in Ottawa: Spa Nordik is currently building an infinity pool looking over the gatineaus and a gigantic floating pool swim up bar. This will not be an isolation experience as 20 people will be floating around.

Float in Montreal:

Floating in Toronto:

P.S. Possibilities float better then realities.

Question for you:

Are you happy in your current reality? Would you be happier floating in your possibilities?

Leave a comment. I want to hear about it…

In Richness of floating in my possibilities,

• Kate Flood
• 9:46pm
• My lit balcony over looking the canal { Ottawa, On }

• On deck: “Chime” by Jairamji – “Kersplash!”


Sprinkling { a poem }

23 Nov

"First Snowfall" { Fort William, Sheenboro, Quebec }

Sprinkling  { a poem }
While I slept,
You quietly fell,
‘I didn’t hear you leave,
‘I didn’t hear you fall.
I sensed you the day before,
The air felt brighter,
and a little lighter,
It felt like Christmas ‘morn.

This morning I wake,
Out my window I peak,
And there you are,
Making my world a little brighter.

Blanketing autumn’s earth in white,
Sprinkling the pines with your frost,
Softly skipping from the clouds,
Filling the air with light.

‘The first snowfall,
Makes the world a little lighter,
Like the heavens are playing on earth,
‘And we all feel a little brighter…together.

Question for you:
What do you like about the first snowfall my fellow Ottawa friends?

In Richness of Being a poet…

• Kate Flood
• 7:30am, infront of the fire.
• My apartment { Ottawa, On }

It’s been a while. Broken hearts make for broken creativity.


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