“5 Car Accidents, Gunpoint and my last rights at birth later…”

14 Jun

Some miraculous things I have come through in my life:

I have been in 5 car accidents (2 alarmingly close calls),
Only 2 of them really serious,
And been held at gunpoint ~ over a bridge…
All before the age of 30.
At birth I was called a miracle baby,
‘born 3 months premature,
if my mother could have held me,
She said it would have been like holding a pound of butter.

I was babtized 3 times,
‘read my last rights by a priest,
‘cried for 3 months from a glass box for my mother to just pick me up already!
She never could.

That is just a snippet synopsis of part of my life. Interesting wouldn’t you say? Fast forward to just a few weeks ago…After much deliberation, stillness and Gosh only knows what else, I just emptied my apartment, put my things in storage and ‘am writing and winging my way through Europe! ‘I meant to do this 8 years ago but got sidetracked with … life. No agenda, no plan (they rarely work for me anyways). You truly are the mapmaker of your own destiny. Did these things happen to me on purpose? Were they my fate? My destiny? Or cruel jokes? They all happened for reason. In contrast, I have also had the most amazing and wonderful experiences too (See 1st Blog entry, May 22) and I am going to be downloading them here on this blog. Looking to pass some time reading?

Kate Flood,
• 12:14pm, Dublin, Ireland
Where will the wind take me next?


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