“Get me to the Irish, I mean Italian, I mean Greek-Brit?”

24 Jun

“Yah, well…”, originally uploaded by Lux Ladywriter.

Stumbling upon Russel Brand & Jonathon Hill’s Red Carpet opening of “Get Him to the Greek” beside my hotel, The Grisham in Dublin, Ireland last night.

What the hay? (I’m still in Dublin, about to leave for Italy) I was on way to checking out of The Grisham in Dublin and there’s a gaggle of people gathered outside Dublin’s Savoy Theatre screaming and hollering. Curious as most, I stop.

{Screech ~ I interrupt this post to say, can I just say, Is there anything better than a hot & sour soup when you’ve got a cold to sooth? But, but why, WHY when you finally find a ginger ale in Europe is it so gosh darn tiny?}

I decide to stick around. Seeing as I didn’t recognize Carrie & the girls @ London’s “Sex and the City Premiere” as I was arriving into Europe for the first time (MAYBE all Londoners where tuxes to the movies?)! It was a bit of a riot I’d say. The girls we going mad yelling out to him and he managed to do a mini~surf into the crowd, peel his shirt down for a crowd photo~op and plant one heck of a long kiss on a dream’n but unsuspecting teenager right in front of me ~ who I am sure has not washed her clothes yet! Russel Brand’s counterpart Jonathon Hill seemed a humble sweetheart to the crowd’s ladies who had moved on from Russel’s sweep down the red carpet. And just when you think all the hoopla is over, the screaming gets louder and the crowd breaks out in what I can only describe as a flashback to 1990 and I am hearing “Under Pressure, pushing down on me, pressing down on you…!’ I have never been so confused!

Out of the nowhere it seems,  unleashed are two Vanilla-Ice mini-me’s jumping like uncoordinated mad string puppets (you know one leg jumping up and down higher then the right) down the red carpet and the girls are loving them! Who are these people singing Vanilla Ice/Queen? “You don’t know?” a young Irish girl screams out of breath at me. “Jedward!” The screaming is a bit too much for me to get any more answers out of anyone. I leave and ask the taxi driver and he explains that they were Ireland’s American Idol favorites and that actually collaborated with Vanilla Ice on the song remake. Ahh, the eighties have definately recycled if Vanilla Ice is back. And no, I was not in the 4th row for his concert sometime in 1990 with another performer called “The Band.”
~ “Vanilla! Vanilla! You can have your ripped sweat towel back!” ~ In fun, in fun. ; )

That was an unexpected happening on my departure from the land of the green, Guinness and Grand! I’m getting ready to leave and I’m feeling Italy in the air…

Kate Flood,
• 12:20pm, Dublin, Ireland
• Who does it better, the Irish, the Greeks or the Italians?


2 Responses to ““Get me to the Irish, I mean Italian, I mean Greek-Brit?””

  1. Kathryn 04•23•2010 at 11:58 PM #

    i remember that concert and even my ridiculous outfit…wasn’t it The Party that opened? Can’t wait to hear more about Italy.

    • Kate Flood 04•23•2010 at 10:36 AM #

      Long time response, I know! Glitches fixed and you know I’m back on Canadian Soil! See you soon I hope! ~ Kate

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