I came to New York City for New Years…and I’m still here!

7 Jan

‘A stolen purse on New Years and a brief week-long stint in Mount Sinai have stranded me in the city that never sleeps!

Publish My Kids Book, Times Square 2011

"Publish My Kids Book", Times Square Billboard, January 2011

I decided to come to New York city for New Years Eve this year. Of all the cities in the world, New Years in New York is certainly one everyone should have on their bucket list! I was delighted to have a new friend come join me from Ottawa. ‘Really it was the matching sequin tank top she received in the mail from her mom from Christmas that convinced her! You see I had a cobalt blue backless sequin dress I was planning on wearing for New Years and when she pulled out her mom’s gift we saw it as a serendipitous sign! Where else can you were sequins if your not Anne Murray belting Snowbird out on stage? Why New York City of course! Although, the sequin dress got shelved and I opted for form fitting knit dress I had picked up in Florence, Italy this summer.

I had just reconnected with a friend from high school on you guessed it – FB – and she invited me to a New Years soiree. Penthouse at the top of a high-rise overlooking Central Park you say? Sure! Although, really, you had me at New York! My friend and I decided to catch a show at the Bluenote ahead of the party. Arriving late for the first set, I opted for the second. I had taken out a large amount of Jacksons to pay for the tickets to the show and I think it was a little obvious sticking out of my silver bullet tiny-like New Years eve clutch. Either that or a transvestite had a hankering for my clutch and couldn’t resist! Either way, the show was great, having my purse lifted after the show ~ not so great. Did I mention bars staff free pour in the ‘ol US of A?

We taxied our way to the soiree making are way through cop barricades set up to try to handle the New Years Eve revelers. Beautiful apartment, beautiful people and a baby grand overlooking Central Park were lovely! ‘Filled mostly with Canadians ~ a dj and a live singer rounded out the evening for everyone. It is always neat to see people you haven’t seen in years and it had been well over 15 years since I saw the co-host of the party. Low and behold wouldn’t you know it that the Bass player in the band from the Bluenote that I decided to invite opened the door only to be face to face with my friend  – someone he had known very well, had lost touch and had not seen in over 8 years – at 2am none-the-less! My friend was so delightfully surprised and curious how he had shown up at the door! They used to work together and had lost touch years before.What a small world indeed!

We rang in the New Year and stayed out very late! Another friend from Toronto who happened to be in New York City showed up at 5am ~ unfortunately just about 1/2 hour too late for the revelry! A shout-out to the KH and friends for the endeavour! The day after  I am sans purse, sans moula and sans keys to my cousin’s apartment where we were staying! Did I mention my cousin was sunning her lovely self in a cabana somewhere in the Caribbean? Things were look’n a little questionable to say the least! Funny thing is, I was so concerned about keeping those keys safe, that I opted to keep them in my purse as opposed to my friends. Did I manifest my fear of the night? Probably! Well, luck was on our side, when we arrived back at her place, her Super’s phone number was posted on the wall inside the open vestibule, he answered his phone AND he happened to live inside the same building! Thank the Lord, I have never been so relieved, I cried!

‘And that was my New Years in New York,
My colorful week-long stint in Mount Sinai is a blog long enough for itself is coming up..

In Richness of Being in New York City!
~ Kate

• 11:37pm
• Hudson Hotel, NY
• That’s me on-top of a billboard in Times Square, “Publish My Kids Book”


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