Make A Wish Today! It’s 1:11:11

11 Jan

Barack Obama,  Bill Clinton and Jackie O are all 11’s and I’m guessing some of their wishes came true!

Above is Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower of Light in Reykjavik, Iceland where anyone can send a wish to and it is beamed out into the infinity and beyond! (To quote a cute little Buzz Lightyear!)

Today’s date is January 11, 2011 abbreviated to 1:11:11. For some, this means nothing, for others a mere curiosity, but for numerologists double digits mean business! No, the world isn’t going to end and your not missing anything (unless you didn’t look of course). Numerologists can interpret one’s nature or circumstances based on how their numbers reduce.  The number one in their circles means beginning. How did it all begin? The creator. Pretty heavy hitter I’d say. Double it up and you’ve got what’s called a Master number. There are only 3 master numbers (11,22,33). Typically, people like the leaders in politics and fashion I mention above, have birth dates that reduce to the number 11 and are:

1) Visionaries
2) Leaders
3) Highly Intuitive

The number 11 contains an equal balance of feminine and masculine properties. The number one is also the Chinese Yang, partner of Yin. And you know when you happen to glance at your clock and see 11:11? It is the digital code for awakening (Not like, “Hey, wake up now, your alarm clock is going off!“, but a spiritual awakening). It is also your spiraling twin DNA. Not sure what that is? Google it because it’s a whole other blog entry and goes way back to male and female principles and heck, the first yin and yang, Adam and Eve!

What I am trying to say is there is power in numbers. And with today’s line-up of ones and eleven’s I’d best be getting out my lucky rabbit’s foot (I don’t really have one, that’s kinda gross. Although, I guess they’re not really real if they’re available in fuscia).  Find yourself in front of a penny and a fountain? A shooting star? Heck, a free moment to yourself and cast your wish away!

Get the Kids Involved! They are the strongest wish makers!
Disney’s Jiminy Cricket & Louie Armstrong’s When you Wish Upon a Star:


Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower was erected on October 9, 2009 and provides a platform with all modes of contact to send your wishes to. I’ve sent 2 already and 1 has already come true! You can send your wish via snail mail, email, infamous Facebook and even instant Twitter! Check out the link below:

Imagine Peace Tower of Light:

In Richness of Being a wisher!
Kate ; )

• 1:11pm
• New York City, NY
• Confucius say, “Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”
• P.S. My birthday makes me a master number 11.  ; )

You made a wish and it came true? Share it with me on the comments below:
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