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Superbowl Cream Fight – Martha, Bieber and Zeppelin on Letterman Tonight!

5 Feb

Superbowl Cream Fight – Martha, Bieber and Zeppelin on Letterman Tonight!.


Michael Buble Scores Bigtime in Scotiabank Place

18 Aug

Ladies Adorn the Stands With “I Just Haven’t Met You YetPosters

Our modern-day crooner took to Scotiabank Place. I have enjoyed Michael’s music since he hit Canadian mainstream radio stations. Actually, I probably saw him first on The Vicky Gabareau Show years ago. I have liked Jazz music since I was a child. My peers were buying Guns’ N’Roses and I was buying cd’s by some guy named Harry Connick Jr. Ladies, have you heard Harry? Better yet, have you seen him on the cover of his album, Blue Light?~ Delicious.  Okay, back to Michael.

I’d been meaning to catch a Michael Buble show for years. When I landed in Paris this past June I tried go see him but was too late for the show. So I decided next time he’s playing the same city – I’m there. August 7, 2010 it was. Eve of the Anniversary of my Mom’s untimely passing ~ not the greatest timing. Or maybe it was! I called the same day, asked for any tickets, sure enough there was a ticket left! I arrived and was puzzled by the code on my ticket which read “PEN.” Could not figure this seat section out for the life of me and hoped for the best! Lovely ticket-taker kindly informs me it is the PENALTY BOX! I am led to 2 rows of 10 seats singled out just at the edge of General Admission Section A. Lovely!

Michael was quite the entertainer and comedian ~ ‘engaging the audience after every song with family and tour stories. At one point in the evening he addressed two ladies in the audience saying, “I have never seen  audience members go to this extent!” They were dressed head-to-toe in Bride’s dresses with signs asking Michael, “Will you Marry Me?” To which he promptly responded something to the effect of  ‘I’m engaged incase you didn’t hear!” The crowd sighed sadly. Yes Michael, we heard. At one point one of the security came up to me and asked if I would like to come up to the front and dance.”Follow Me,” he said and I was lead up to the center stage. Thank you Mr.Security. And there I danced enjoying the rest of Michael Buble crooning, “I just Haven’t Met you Yet” front row center and all the way “Home”.

Check out the latest pics from the show on Flickr…

Croon’n out ~ Kate Flood,

• 11:44pm, Kate Flood
• I just haven’t met you yet…

Rubbing Elbows

22 May

Some  chance meetings I have had in my life:

I’ve landed in front row center of my favorite band,
Sat in the lap of the tragically hip,
I keep running into Canada’s Greek Snuffleupagus
who planted the best Canadian 1 liner I’ve heard to date on me
(smooth operator)
and shared some time with one of “People Magazine’s most Beautiful” ; )

…from just ‘one’ jaw dropping look seeing him on Oprah years before.
(Ohh that Oprah!)


Did I write these stories into my life too? ~  Stay tuned. For now I’m in the Emerald Isle ~ Dublin, Ireland ~ land of the green, Guinness & grand! Bono’s Clarence Hotel was lovely, The Morrison stole my gypsy soul and now I’m checking out The Morgan. Leprechaun’s stole my poached eggs this morning @ Gallagher’s Boxty House and the Book of Kells is calling my name for tomorrow. I will catch you up on London, Paris & Rouen, France. For now,  I leave you with the question, what happens when you let absolutely everything go (as much as you know), and just BE. Where are you? Where will you be next?

What kind of  RICHNESS can be found in just BE-ing?

Kate Flood,

• 1:22am, Ottawa, Canada
What is waiting for me on the other side of the world?


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