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Super Bowl Cream Fight – Martha, Bieber and Zeppelin on Letterman Tonight!

5 Feb

AIRS TONIGHT!  You might hear my high pitched cheers coming from the audience! Stumbling on the Late Show with David Letterman Line up…( ‘A show I have always wanted to sit in on) and actually getting in!

What are the chances of getting into The Late Show with David Letterman? What are the chances of seeing Martha Stewart throw cream in David Letterman’s Face, Bieber playing drums beside Paul Shaffer and seeing Zeppelin’s Robert Plant?

Apparently kinda slim. At least that was the impression I had. A university dorm mate got me on to watching David Letterman. (Sarah, wherever you are out there – thinking of you Coca Cola girl). She was a huge fan and would set her alarm to stop studying and find the closest tv (she actually had one in her dorm room) and tune into Dave. Ever since then, I always thought it would be fun to sit in on the audience. Saturday Night Live too, but that will have to wait I guess until the next trip. Or until Bono and Jonathon Rhys Myers are the guests! So I had half-assed looked into how to get tickets to the show. According to the site and New Yorkers, people request tickets a year in advance and otherwise you have to line up the day of as early as 11am and wait in line for cancellation. No guarantee they say. I finished waiting in lines when I was 18 years old.

"Stumbling on the David Letterman Lineup and...getting in!"

I had resolved to not try this time round, especially in the frigid 40 below weather.  So I’m troop’n through the streets and pass, “Oh, What’s this? Studio 54?! Cool.”  Would have liked to shake my disco thing there! And then I look up and see the CBS sign you see above and a line-up of people coming out. I decide to inquire and the next thing I know I’ve been signed up on the waiting list – number 46 – to be announced in a mere 45 minutes from now! A quick dinner at the Three Monkeys around the corner and I’m back faster than you can say “Top 10.” The David Letterman girl (see picture below) tells us the line is no guarantee that we will get in. Funny, there was a bigger line behind us. Must have been the fan lineup for Martha. Or was it Justin Bieber?

"Ahhh! I actually got into see the Late Night Show with David Letterman"

I was the last one on the list. Fat chance I thought, but no, we all got in. After a “pump-up” speech from another staffer, we were led in and I landed in the 8th row isle. Not bad. I’m telling you, being a single-seater has its benefits!  David opens with questioning a fellow Canadian in the audience, Bieber guests as reading his own Top 10. I haven’t heard Justin yet, but I can see why he makes all the girls swoon – he’s ridiculously adorable and reminds me of my 15 year-old crush of yesteryear. And then, what’s this, Martha Stewart? Come on, hilarious! She actually looks better than ever (Even David thought so). That was before he started to throw prison questions at her. Which then follows a cream fight where Martha wallops one on him! Tonight’s show is actually pretty hilarious! Rounding out the evening, none other than Robert Plant of Zeppelin performing a live song with his group,“Band of Joy”– Nice. I never thought I would see any one of Zeppelin live in concert!

Have you ever got into one of your favorite shows or concerts? Make a comment below if you hear my screeches tonight!

Tune in tonight on CBS at 11:35pm EST. It’s a pretty hilarious episode with a shout-out to Canadians! Sudbury to be exact!

In Richness of Stumbling on Line-ups,

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Montreal, Quebec
• “When you are not attached to an outcome & you asked for it some time, it can land in your lap.” ~ Kate


Superbowl Cream Fight – Martha, Bieber and Zeppelin on Letterman Tonight!

5 Feb

Superbowl Cream Fight – Martha, Bieber and Zeppelin on Letterman Tonight!.

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