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Songs to Slither and Groove any which way to….{ Sexy Songs Part 3/3 }

12 Dec

I was never a Justin Timberlake Fan until he brought Sexy Back

Top 22 Sexy Songs to Slither to: I know this is the list you’ve really all been waiting for! Be grateful for your patience and slow down boys ~ there are gifts a plenty in the art of seduction. Your favorite songs to move any which way.  Slither songs fit a certain rhythm with a low pulsating drum base or a sultry voice or instrument cry ~ that, or one can here moans (think Bono’s cries in With or Without You, groans or Kate Bush sighing, “Mmm, yes” ~ apparently a song favorite of the male population ladies is found in Sensual World.

Before you indulge in the list of sexy singles, any of these entire albums are also winners. Miles Davis’ All Blues, any of the Greatest Hits albums by the clichéd
Al Green, Marvin Gaye, or Barry White . The eighties’ Sade or Enigma are obvious choices. Head’s Up: If the feeling’s are not mutual these are pretty obvious in their intent!

Songs to Groove any which way to..
{ Click on song to hear a snippet }
1. Love to Love you Baby • Donna Summers
2. In the Air Tonight • Phil Collins
3. Wicked Game • Did a Bad Thing • Chris Issak
4. How Soon is Now • Smiths
5. Closer • NIN
6. Meditate • INXS
7.  I Want to Sex You Up • Color Me Badd
8. Slave to Love • Brian Ferry
9.  Sensual World • Kate Bush
10. Close to Me • Love Song • Cure
11. Six Underground • Sneakerpimps
12. Glory Box •Roads • Portishead
13. Principles of Lust • Enigma
14. Teardrop • Massive Attack
15. Euphoria (Firefly) • Delerium
16. Possession • Ice-cream • Sarah McLachlan
17. Feel’n Love • Paula Cole
18. Astounded • Bran Van 3000 with Curtis Mayfield
19. Slow • Chocolate • Kylie Minogue
20. Sexy Back • Justin Timberlake
21. Sex on Fire • Kings of Leon
22. Falling • Florence and the Machine

I know, I know, I cheated -‘ doubled up on some. What’s a woman to do? By the end I was left wanting more so here’s a few more mentionables. So Real by Jeff Buckley open’s with, “Love Let me Sleep tonight on your couch.” GoldFrapp’s Black Cherry and I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen. For another entire album, if you have not been introduced to the works of
Chris Botti, he has some great groovable songs like his rendition of Sade’s  No Ordinary Love.

Oh, and one last song, what is it about Stan Getz & João Gilberto’s The Girl from Ipanema ?

I leave you with 2 more videos from my top sexiest songs to move to:

I know men and women alike crave Chris Issak’s Wicked Game video…

Montreal’s own Bran Van 3000 and Curtis Mayfield team up for the longest kiss scene ever…

Get  iTUNES out and start making the best part of your sexy song mix. No music? Let nature be your mix and wait it out for a rainstorm under a tin roof or a crackling fire on the beach…ok, that might take a while. Recommendation: Ask your lover what song turns them on.

In Richness of slithering…

• 11:22 am
• “And I will hold you down, kiss you so hard” ~ Sarah McLachlan
( To all the guys whoever asked me highschool, no, I am not in INXS’s Meditate!)


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